Do not let me go

It's just you and I here Once lost, but you rescued my soul Each time I drift, you never let me pass with the wind Your love catches me and chases me down  Your Spirit arrests my spirit I am overcome by your presence   Do not let me go Hold me tight, hold me [...]

Not yet fully grown

Not yet fully grown Hips, boxy and bony Placed on a young girl not yet fully grown She looks in the mirror, over and over Why am I like this? She wonders She looks at her friends—skinny and small What is wrong with me? She asks She hates her body She feels misunderstood by those [...]

Come alive

Come alive You make the darkness tremble How majestic is your name? No storm too big No mountain too high You give ashes life Breathe your breath into me God Teach me, Lord, how to receive your love Without you, I know I can do nothing You go from glory to glory I don’t have [...]

Branches beneath our feet

She cries on the porch steps, A full grown child gripping her knees. She feels small like a newborn baby, Abandoned and given away. Darkness lingers. To open her eyes seems scary. She doesn’t know what lies ahead. Standing outside the forest, She can’t go through alone. Whispers of deceit encompass her pretty mind. They [...]