Not yet fully grown

Not yet fully grown 

Hips, boxy and bony

Placed on a young girl not yet fully grown

She looks in the mirror, over and over

Why am I like this? She wonders

She looks at her friendsskinny and small

What is wrong with me? She asks

She hates her body

She feels misunderstood by those who don’t

Her Father sees beauty



She sees mistakes



Little by little, subtle changes are made

They go unnoticed until soon, she is wasting away

Lacking food, nourishment, fulfillment, and love

She is craving attention but will it ever be enough?

She feels emptyshe is empty

More comments are made

More control she seeks

So she keeps running



But most of all, spiritually

Child, where are you going?

I’m right here

Youyou are right there

Underneath the pain

Underneath the facade 

I see you 

Now look

Look in the mirror once more

My daughter, see what I see

But she can’t stop

She believes her worth comes at a price

A price that must be paid

There are no shortcuts

There is no way out

All that is good must be paid for, regardless of the cost

Her mother grabs her by the shoulders

Darling, look at me

You’re beautiful

You don’t need to change a thing

This isn’t healthy

This isn’t you

She wants to take this as truth

All of it

But her mirror and mind say differently

They repeat back to her lies

Lies that she believes

This isn’t good enough

Those damn hips 

And those damn thighs

Go, Get running

Go, don’t stop

No carbs this week

No dairy

Cancel your dinner plans

Take those pills

Add an extra mile

Restrict, restrict, restrict

Hips, boxy and bony

Placed on a young girl not yet fully grown

She looks in the mirror and remembers her name

Holy and blameless, she tells herself

Chosen and predestined, she starts to believe

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